Overview Stats

  • Chassis # 40837S110214
  • Engine # 4110214 FI228RE
  • Matching numbers example with original L76 327ci/365hp engine
  • Bloomington Gold Certified, complete with judging sheets
  • Highly correct older restoration that remains in exceptional condition
  • Extremely rare and desirable color combination


The Chevrolet Corvette has now been in production for over 65 and it remains one of the most iconic pieces of Americana to this day. First introduced in 1953, the fiberglass-bodied sports car took the world by storm. Although the Corvette underwent small changes every year leading up to 1962, it was in 1963 that the newly redesigned and radically styled C2 generation was introduced. The much more stylish C2 cars received the infamous “Sting Ray” nickname which would carry through its history and is used on current production examples. Most notably it incorporated numerous styling cues from the Jaguar E-Type that was owned by GM Head of Design, Bill Mitchell as well as the Sting Ray Racer he designed in 1959, and unbelievably an actual Mako shark that he personally caught. 1964 saw mainly cosmetic changes to the new Stingray, the most drastic was the deletion of the now iconic and highly desirable split window design on the rear glass that caused safety concerns due to decreased visibility and also the non-functional hood vents. Other changes were relatively minor and entailed some additional cosmetic tweaking as well as suspension refinements. Critics and customers alike loved the new changes for the 1964 model and the car sold in record numbers; 8,304 coupes and 13,925 convertibles for a total sales of 22,229.

This particular 1964 Corvette, Chassis Number 40837S110214, and Engine Number 4110214 FI228RE would be considered a highly correct older restoration. The car is finished in the very unique and striking color combination of Dark Blue (Paint No. 916AA) with a White and Blue vinyl interior (Trim No. 491GA) same as when it left the factory on January 31st, 1964. The car retains its original L76 engine, a 327ci/365hp V8 with 11.0:1 compression ration and a four-barrel carburetor. According to the data tag the engine was assembled on December 28th at the Flint, Michigan production facility. The restoration was undertaken on this car some years ago but it still presents immaculately, with dark, rich, smooth paint and tight, clean interior.

The quality of the restoration is apparent in its Bloomington Gold winner status with a total score of 98.575. The judging sheets are included with the car as well as in the documents section on this page. The car received minor deductions for things that are easily corrected and a more detailed view of the deductions can be seen on the document itself. The data tags have been decoded below for further background on the car:

  • Chassis No. 40837S110214
    • 4 – Model year 1964
    • 08 – Model designation – Chevrolet Corvette
    • 37 – Coupe
    • S – Final assembly plant – St. Louis
    • 110214 – Production sequence number
  • Engine No. 4110214 FI228RE
    • 4 – 1964
    • 110214 – Production sequence number
    • F – Engine production facility – Flint, MI
    • 1228 – Engine assembly date – December, 28th
    • RE – 327ci/365hp with 11.0.1 compression ratio, manual transmission or special high-performance manual transmission, and four-barrel carburetor
  • Trim Tag Decoded
    • Date No. E31
      • January 31st, 1964
    • Style No. 64 837
      • Coupe
    • Body No. S4286
      • S – St. Louis production
      • 4286 – Body production sequence number
    • Trim No. 491GA
      • White and Blue vinyl interior
    • Paint No. 916AA
      • Dark Blue

Included with the sale of the car are the jack, original owners guide and jacket, and reproduction owners protection plan booklet, gm memo book, Corvette AM-FM radio guide, and the Bloomington Gold judging sheets.


body and paint

The Dark Blue paint is smooth and consistent throughout and shows very nicely for being an older restoration. There are no major flaws to note. Likewise, the body is smooth and straight. Bodyline gaps are excellent as are the fitment of the doors and hood. If one was to be extremely particular, the car could stand a good buffing as the dark blue paint has some minor swirl marks from general cleaning. This is a common problem as the fiberglass body attracts more dust than normal and the dark paint easily marks up.

glass and trim

All the glass remains in fantastic condition and bears Soft-Ray safety plate stampings throughout. Chrome throughout the car is in excellent condition with only minor signs of age in a few locations but overall the chrome throughout has excellent shine and a clean smooth finish. All rubber trim pieces have been well maintained and are supple and show no signs of aging or cracking.


The finish on the wheels is fantastic with no road rash or curbing to speak of. Both the chrome and the paint on the center knock offs is bright and clean. It is worth noting that these are reproduction knock-off wheels.

notable flaws

Despite being an older restoration the car remains in remarkably good shape and shows no real flaws or issues.


seats and surfaces

The white vinyl interior is in excellent condition with no discoloring or aging present. The color matched seat belts show a tinge of discoloration on the belts but the buckles are clean. The carpets are in similar condition throughout the car, rich in color with no pulling or major fading and a proper tight fitment from front to back. There are minor signs of usage in the drivers footwell as to be expected with a car that is exercised occasionally. The wood-rimmed steering wheel is smooth and shows slight signs of patina that lend to originality while the metal spokes remain bright and clean. The gauges are bright and clean including the surrounds, although it should be noted that it appears that some minor dust has found its way behind the glass of the gauges. The finish on the dash is smooth and tight from left to right with no issues present. The original data plates are tucked under the dash in their appropriate spots. The headliner is in fantastic shape with a tight and clean finish and absolutely no staining or discoloration present.

functionality and accessories

Everything in the interior appears to function well. Both windows roll up smooth using their dedicated hand cranks and the door latches operate smoothly. All gauges appear to read their respective information without fault and the centrally located clock ticks away appropriately. All the knobs appear to perform their designated function with ease and the finish on them is of high quality.

notable flaws

There does not appear to be any real noteworthy flaws on the interior of the car. Much like the exterior the fit and finish is top notch and very correct.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay, much like the rest of the car is extremely correct and very well finished. All painted surfaces are smooth and clean, free of any issues. All metal components have their proper finishes and are likewise clean and free of issue. All hoses and wires are of the correct type and are supple and free of any cracking or degradation. The Corvette branded valve covers appear to be original and show some faint signs of patina but are overall clean and tidy. The engine number is cleanly stamped a very readable on its designated pad and as noted by the Bloomington Gold Judge is a “Nice original pad and numbers.” Overall the engine bay is very clean and tidy with no signs of leaks or issues present.

trunk area

The rear interior area is clean and tidy with very proper fitting carpeting. There is no signs of wear or degradation on the carpets themselves and given the overall condition its highly likely that the rear space was never used. The rear storage boxes in the floor are painted black with smooth clean metal surfaces. The nicely finished jack is stowed away and held in place with the appropriate tie down.


The underside of the car shows minimal usage and is highly correct like the rest of the vehicle. Painted surfaces are smooth and clean, while metal surfaces show no rust or oxidation. Suspension components are clean and tidy and the exhaust is in great shape. Simply by looking at the underside it is easy to surmise that the car was never driven in adverse or poor road conditions.



The 327 cubic inch V8 fires to life with a short turn of the key. It easily settles into a smooth idle and has excellent throttle response. The carburation system has been tuned properly and it is easily noticeable in the driving nature of the car.


The car shifts easily between gears with smooth trouble free shifts. The clutch pickup is light and responsive and holds power well.

brakes and suspension

The brakes are firm with good pedal feel and bring the car to a smooth controlled stop. Likewise, the suspension is compliant and feels solid with no odd noises or road manners to speak of.


The tires are the correct Firestone “Deluxe Champion” thin white-wall bias-ply tires and are in excellent condition with no cracking or aging to speak of with plenty of tread left in them. The car was driven sparingly but for active duty the date codes may need to be checked to ensure peace of mind.

driving experience

This Corvette was restored to exacting and correct standards and despite some age behind the restoration, undoubtedly drives like its back in the 60’s. It makes excellent power and the throaty exhaust note emanating from the rear of the car puts a pure American made smile across your face. The white interior creates a bright and inviting spot with which to cover backroad miles and the Dark Blue exterior is understated but sure to catch glances as you rumble past. It would not take much to get this example ready to show again and since it hasn't been seen in many years, residing in a large private collection it is a great opportunity for the next owner to show the car. Given that the color combination is extremely rare and highly desirable and the quality of the restoration is still high it is sure to leave fellow Corvette enthusiasts extremely envious.

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